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There are many veterans' organizations in Canada but the largest by far is The Royal Canadian Legion with more than over 400,000 members and affiliates. They are contained within the following membership categories:

  • Ordinary (serving and retired military, RCMP personnel, provincial and municipal police);
  • Associate (direct relative of an ordinary member); and
  • Affiliates (voting and non-voting friends of the Legion).

Serving members of the Canadian Forces may join under the Military Member-At-Large program and may not need to join a specific branch.

The Legion is a non-profit, dues-supported, fraternal organization with approximately 1,600 branches in Canada, 21 in the United States and 4 in Germany. The Legion receives no financial assistance from any outside agency and membership is open to all Canadian veterans as well as serving and former members of the Canadian Forces, RCMP, The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, other police forces and their dependents, and Canadians who subscribe to the purposes and objects of the organization.

The Legion annually provides the following levels of community support activity:

  • The Legion spends $2,600,000.00 on direct support to needy veterans and contributes 721,000 hours of volunteer time assisting veterans, ex-service members and their families;
  • The Legion commits $3,700,000.00 to veterans and seniors housing projects;
  • The Legion spends $2,130,000.00 on direct support to seniors and contributes over 515,000 hours of volunteer time and has 395,000 senior citizens participating in programs;
  • The Legion spends $5,100,000.00 on direct support to youth activities (cadets, Scouts Canada, sports, bursaries, scholarships) and contributes 440,000 hours in volunteer time with countless numbers of young Canadians;
  • The Legion contributes $14,100,000.00 to charities and 674,000 hours in volunteer time to community service activities. The Royal Canadian Legion offers members of Canada's military community the opportunity to share in good fellowship while at the same time providing invaluable assistance to their less fortunate comrades and serving the communities in which they live;
  • The Legion pays some $7,200,000.00 in property taxes;
  • The Legion employs 2,600 full-time and 3,800 part-time employees paying wages in excess of $73,000,000;
  • Legion branches pay out $17,400,000.00 in maintenance and service costs;
  • The Legion's economic impact on the country is estimated at $350,000,000.00 per year.

The Royal Canadian Legion Ladies' Auxiliary is comprised of mothers, wives, daughters, stepdaughters, nieces, sisters, granddaughters, great granddaughters and widows of Legion members. there are approximately 58,000 registered members of the Ladies Auxiliary who provide invaluable support to the Branches of the Legion and their fundraising activities.
Most, but not all, branches have Auxiliaries which come under the jurisdiction of the Branch. Major contributors to the day to day life of the branch, auxiliaries provide financial and volunteer support to Legion programs

Who is an eligible Veteran?

A person who is a Citizen of Canada or member country of the Commonwealth of Nations who has been Honourably Discharged after serving:

WWI, WWII, The Korean War, The Gulf War as:

  • Canadian Forces
  • An Allied Force
  • Canadian or Allied Merchant Navy
  • Ferry Command

As a member of the Canadian Forces meeting the National Defense Professional Classification requirements (MOC qualified)

In United Nations or NATO Operations as a member of:

  • Canadian Forces
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Other Canadian police forces or
  • An Allied Force

I AM NOT A VETERAN!     You can join too! Become an Associate or Affiliate member.

I AM NOT A CANADIAN CITIZEN!      You can join too! Become an Affiliate Non-Voting member.
Any woman who is eligible for membership in the Legion may choose to become a member of the ladies auxiliary only, or a member of both.


Why should I join:

Member Privileges:

Member Benefits Program:

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How do I join, Athabasca Branch 103?

Stop by the Branch: Wednesday to Friday, 4:00 pm - Close
Saturday, 2:00 pm - Close
4801 48 St., Athabasca, AB T9S 1R3

Pick up a Membership Application or download and print a form and fill it in, sign it and return it to the Branch with an attached membership fee or $50.00. 

Phone: Branch, 780-675-2173 or
Membership Chairman: John Poynter, 780-689-6100

We can mail you a package or you can email us,  and we can send it that way.

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